Oilon heat pumps heat 81 floors of Vietnam’s tallest building, shopping center, school and many more 

The peak of Vietnam’s tallest building rises to reach the clouds on the banks of the Saigon River in Ho Chi Minh City. The 81-story skyscraper is the tallest section of a multiform building complex. The 40-hectare area is also seeing the construction of a shopping center, hotel, numerous residential and commercial buildings, villas and a private school and hospital. Vingroup, focusing on ecological and high-quality urban living, chose Oilon’s heat pumps produced in Finland for its largest construction project.

Finnish quality also sparks Asian interest

“It was important for the customer that the equipment operates reliably in warm climates and is able to produce sufficiently hot water for a demanding target. The customer had gotten acquainted with Oilon’s products and one of the factors influencing the deal was that Oilon’s heat pumps made in Finland met their high quality criteria,” says Petri Virta, Business Director.

Large real estate heat pumps provide better heat management in various conditions 

Nineteen Oilon RE heat pumps fulfil the heating and hot water needs of the large and diverse building complex. They are designed for large properties and use a new technology that enables better temperature control.

Customized for Vietnam’s tropical climate, the heat wells have been replaced by water coolers that collect heat from the outside air. In cooler climates, the Oilon RE functions as a ground source heat pump. Its versatile automation also makes it possible to combine other energy sources, allowing you to utilize, for example, solar heat and oil or gas heating.