Technical support and service

We are there for you for the entire lifespan of your product.

Our customer service for both industrial and power plant and process burners covers all life-cycle services after the delivery of the burner system. We offer expert services concerning safe commissioning of the burner, annual maintenance and spare parts services as well as consulting and modernization of combustion systems.

Modernization enhances the operation of an old burner system, lowers the operational expenses and reduces the environmental strain. Our customer service expert in modernization and combustion technology will plan the renovation of your burner system according to your specific needs. The system can be completely renewed or its performance can be enhanced by updating selected parts of the system. Our modernization targets include burners, valve fittings, automation and fuel systems.

Our customer service for domestic heating solutions serves a comprehensive nationwide network of retailers with fast spare part deliveries. We also develop professional skills of maintenance personnel through training and counseling services.

Our worldwide network of expert partners ensures that you receive reliable and comprehensive customer service everywhere.

We are known for the way we connect with our customers. Oilon – the warm way.

Our services

Maintenance and technical support

Consumer customer: Oilon-trained resellers and maintenance companies can be found near you.

For warranty matters, technical inquiries, and maintenance and on-call duty needs, we kindly ask that you first contact the reseller or maintenance company that delivered the device.
Resellers, maintenance companies, industry and energy plants: we offer you technical support that helps you with all sorts of technical difficulties and warranty-related matters.

Spare part sales

Oilon’s devices have been optimized for the best possible functioning on site during the commissioning.
It is important to keep the device and its main components in good condition to ensure flawless operation for the entire lifespan of the device.
Regular maintenance and servicing guarantee that the equipment operates cost efficiently and ecologically.

Our spare parts service is available to the customer for each phase of the equipment’s lifespan:
• spare part recommendations for new systems
• customer contact management and quotations
• spare parts for servicing and maintenance
• parts covered by warranty

Consumer customer:
Oilon-trained resellers and companies can be found near you.
For spare part matters or maintenance and on-call duty needs, we kindly ask that you first contact the reseller or maintenance company that delivered the device.

Spare parts services for maintenance companies and industry:
Our spare parts sellers serve on weekdays from 8am until 4pm at +358 (03) 8576 431.
For export sales, contact Oilon’s telephone exchange at +358 (03) 85 761 and they will connect you to the right person.

Spare parts services for plants:
Spare parts sales for power plants and process burners is available at +358(0)44 7576 788.
Oilon’s representatives and resellers also offer spare parts services worldwide.
Contact information can be found here.


Our top-caliber training seeks to constantly improve the expertise of domestic maintenance and installation companies.
The theory lessons focus on the product range, their operational environment and most important components. Practical assignments focus on adjustment and troubleshooting.

Our training emphasizes the environmental importance of having the correct adjustments and their effect on the device’s lifespan. The training program is divided into three main categories: installation, commissioning and maintenance.

The focus of the program is on the devices in our own production line.

Spare parts from the Webshop

Maintenance companies and resellers can easily acquire the needed spare parts from our Webshop.

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