Ground source heat pumps

Oilon is the oldest ground source heat pump manufacturer in Finland. A family-owned business, Oilon has more than 60 years of experience in heating solutions. Based on this history, we have built a strong standing as one of the leading heating technology companies in the Nordic countries.

With 40 years of experience in heat pump production, we are the oldest heat pump manufacturer in Finland. Our heat pump production started already in the early 1980s. Our current ground source heat pump selection includes energy-efficient solutions for buildings ranging from single-family homes to large properties.

A ground source heat pump is an excellent choice for heating buildings and producing domestic hot water. By using renewable electricity, a ground source heating system can achieve total carbon neutrality.  Switching over to a ground source heating system will typically reduce a property’s heating costs by 65–75 per cent, which means that the investment will pay itself back in only a few years. A more accurate property-specific savings assessment will be prepared once the system has been sized.

Compared to most heating methods, ground source heating has extremely low CO2 emissions.  As the system utilizes heat energy stored in the soil, bedrock, or a body of water, the bulk of the energy required comes from renewable sources. In a borehole, for example, water temperature remains at a few degrees Celsius throughout the year. This keeps the heat pump’s coefficient of performance at a steady, high level even at the harshest winter conditions.

Installing a ground source heating system is an excellent way to increase the value of your property. Besides ground source heating, the system can be utilized to recover heat from a building’s exhaust air. This energy can be used to cover approximately 1/3 of the heating required by the building. Additionally, the cool brine that circulates in the ground loop can be used for energy-efficient apartment cooling, making your building more comfortable to live in and more attractive to prospective buyers. A ground-based cooling solution’s operating costs are only 1/15th of those of an air-source pump used for cooling.

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